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Multifamily Bridge Loans

Unique & authentic “UniBank” loan product that can help those in need during their financially difficult times.

It's a great opportunity to build strong new banking relationships.

  • For 5 to 20 unit Multi-Family properties only
  • For Refinances Only
  • Borrower MUST be a legal U.S. Entity
  • Washington, Oregon and California Market only
  • Will process, underwrite and originate loans all “ in-house”
  • 3-year maturity with 3 years of DSC reserves1
  • Will be for both Straight Refi and Cash-Out Refi
  • Lower Interest Rate than 3/2 Multi Ref
  • 3-year maturity with 2 years of DSC reserves1
  • Borrower is required to reserve 3rd year DSC reserve1 during first 2 years
  • Will be for both Straight Refi and Cash-Out Refi
  • Higher Interest Rate than 3/3 Multi Refi
  • Mostly for those with lee/ limited liquidity available

1DSC Reserves are “ funds needed to meet 1.35 DSC” ( NOT full 3 years P & I payments)