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Commercial Loans

UniBank’s experienced loan officers will work for you with the most competitive pricing to get you ahead of your competitors.

With flexibility in rates, terms, and flexible lending purposes, you will get one step closer to your business success.
  • Purchase of all types of commercial use real estate properties
  • Refinancing and real property improvements
  • 5-7 years maturity with up to 25-year amortization
  • A short term loan to finance construction of virtually all types of real properties, with an exception of single family residence
  • Up to 2-year maturity
  • Purchase or expansion of businesses
  • Refinance existing debts (business-related)
  • Permanent working capital
  • Renovate facilities
  • Maximum 7-year maturity
  • Unsecured and secured financing available
Loans that provide a one-time lump sum for the purchases of various types of machinery and equipment

  • Up to 7-year maturity
  • Up to 75% of purchase price or fair market value
Business lines of credit to meet your special financial needs such as temporary or seasonal purchase, working capital, and business equipment.

  • Revolving principal
  • Seasonal or temporary working capital
  • 1-year term and renewable yearly
A simplified and easy application process for small business owners with a quick approval process.

  • Loans up to $50,000
  • Loan term up to 5 years
  • Decision within 48 hours
  • Unsecured and secured financing available
Lines of credit to professional practitioners providing immediate access to funds for purchasing equipment, expanding your office, or increasing your working capital.

  • Loans up to $100,000
  • Loan term up to 5 years
  • 1-year term and renewable yearly for a line of credit
  • Unsecured and secured financing available

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Loans to Businesses located in Rural Areas

Discover the USDA’s Business & Industry Guaranteed Loan Program.

Refinance or purchase commercial real estate. Finance equipment. USDA B&I loans offer longer loan terms than bank loans and larger loan size than SBA loans.