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Online Banking Enrollment Tips

1. First time entering to Online Banking? You need to Sign Up for Online Banking by clicking a link "Sign up for Online Banking" in Login Page.

2. After completing Enrollment, please allow one to three business days for UniBank to approve your enrollment form.

3. We have a great feature called, "PassMark". To prevent any hacking activity, such as Phishing, PassMark let you choose your personal picture and the caption for the picture, and shows them when you login to Online Banking. Before you type in your password, you must verify your Login ID, PassMark picture and caption to make sure you are in the right page.
If you see different picture or caption, DO NOT type in the password, and contact UniBank Online Banking Customer Support right away at 425-275-9700.

4. The PassMark Security feature does not let you know if your Login ID is correct or if your enrollment is approved or not. So please make sure if your Login ID is correct when you log in, and also wait for one business day before logging in to Online Banking Service.