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March 13, 2015



This past winter was unseasonably mild and sunny.  Flowers blooming on the streets are signaling the arrival of spring and are warming our hearts.  Impacted by the unexpected decline in gasoline prices as well as steady improvements in economic conditions, people in general are seemingly much more light-hearted.



U & I Financial Corp. (“the Company”) has good news to deliver to our shareholders.  UniBank, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, became the Washington State champion, having produced more SBA loans during the fiscal year 2014 than any other community bank. In addition, the Bank had record earnings of $3,361 thousand in 2014.  The newly constructed three-story headquarters building on Highway 99, serving as a landmark in the Lynnwood area, has become a valuable asset and a source of added appreciation and trust to the Bank, as the third floor community center is being widely used by many people in the community.



Another piece of good news is that the Board of Directors of the Company has resolved to pay stock dividends to the shareholders as the Bank, the one and only Washington-headquartered Korean-American bank, was able to replicate another outstanding performance in 2014, attributable to the continued support of the community we proudly serve. This year’s dividend payment will be a 7% stock dividend.  Please understand that the Board’s decision to pay stock dividends stems from the fact that the Bank needs to maintain sufficient regulatory capital commensurate with its steady growth.  On April 17, 2015, shareholders of record on of April 1, 2015 will receive 7 shares of stock dividend per every 100 shares owned.  This year’s annual meeting of shareholders is scheduled for September. Please understand that we need more time to make necessary preparations as we plan to present the Bank’s strategic plans for long-term growth and expansion.



Based on current economic conditions, it is deemed that the Federal Open Market Committee is making preparations to raise interest rates in the near future.  Increases in interest rates tend to add additional burden on borrowers and heighten interest rate and credit risks to the Bank. Vigilantly monitoring these trends, the Board of Directors and Management intend to flawlessly execute the most “safe and sound” strategic plan to maximize shareholder value in any circumstance and to further solidify the Bank’s superior position within our peer group.  The Board is committed to exerting utmost efforts so that it can witness, in not too distant future, our shareholders celebrating and commending themselves for their perseverance thus far.  May year 2015 bring about abundant joy and prosperity to your family and business in tune with the thawing of the economy.


John Jung Hun Chang, Chairman

Daniel Lee, President & CEO


U & I Financial Corp. (parent company of UniBank) shares are traded on the “OTC Pink” under the ticker symbol “UNIF.”

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