About UniBank

UniBank is organized as a commercial bank chartered by the State of Washington, Department of Financial Institutions with deposits insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The Bank is an independent community bank with a mobile branch dedicated to providing quality banking services to the customers and businesses in its market area and ethnic communities by establishing meaningful relationships with the people it serves and generating a healthy return for its shareholders. The Bank will maintain a commitment to safety and soundness and to customer service.  The Bank will provide core community banking services to the ethnic minority businesses and individuals in greater Puget Sound area, while achieving the highest level of confidence from the target client communities through conservative capital and risk management, profitability, honesty, and integrity.

CEO’s Vision

  • To make UniBank into one of the top performing banks in its peer group
  • To position the Bank in such a way that its presence would be welcomed and appreciated by the community
  • To maximize shareholder value thereby making shareholders happy
  • To provide unparalleled services with a personal touch
  • To expand branch network to more conveniently serve customers
  • To provide financial services to all ethnic groups in the community
  • To promote a sense of pride to all employees
  • To foster substantive, not superficial growth

Mission Statement of the Bank

UniBank’s mission is to become the Financial Services Provider of Choice in the Greater Puget Sound Area, offering superior customer service while promoting prosperity and financial stability to the community it serves, and creating shareholder value.  We are committed to attaining the following:

  • Meeting customers’ comprehensive financials needs
  • Steadily increasing stock price to the satisfaction of shareholders
  • Hiring, training, and retaining professional employees while creating an environment conducive for optimal performance and employee satisfaction
  • Being appreciated by the community for its existence
  • Promoting open and appropriate channels of communication with customers, employees, directors, shareholders, and regulators.

The core values of UniBank

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Professionalism and Confidentiality of Customer Information
  • The Spirit of Partnership with the Community
  • Superior Service

Board of Directors

President and CEO of UniBank

Retired Banker

Chairman of Wellwish Investments, LLC

President of Seattle Pacific Homes, Inc

Chairman of the Board of Directors
CEO of Hans Timber Corporation